Hamoud Al-Rashidi Bros. Trading LLC was established since 1984, demolished by filled with hope and optimism tomorrow bright actively drilling water wells, which has taken a broad effort path vigorously that the company has become one of the largest companies progress in the Sultanate in this area and the largest in recent years has spilled over projects were started to many of the Gulf states and international companies and numerous sections and activities.

About simple for each activity: –
• Drilling water wells.
Water Well Drilling Department is actively exploratory drilling and the production of water and drilling depths up to 1000 m below the Earth’s interior.
• Geophysical Monitoring wells Department.
This section is monitoring water levels and expectations of their presence at high rates and using the latest cutting-edge technologies and provides accurate scientific reports in this regard.
• water sources (Dewatring)
This priests water suction from the ground in places which have the water level high and close to the surface and a lot of construction services impede the work of this water, so it is important what the Department of Services is a water suction around the clock (24-Q) and dried at high rates and You can then continue to work and move on to another stage in the same way, and there are water drainage techniques without prejudice and causing damage to the environment and society.
Transfer of water pipelines extended distances from the source to the nearest assembly point for water using high quality pumps and pipes have lifetimes hypothetical long-term and global quality.
• production and marketing of Omani marble.
The company owns several quarries (quarries natural stone) and that is it Tqa and extraction of rock blocks and then transferred to a marble factory and the company to refine and polish and measurement of these stones are then Omani marble high and prestigious quality production and vary quality marble according to color and thickness and durability of every kind and there Many sizes and uses of marble.

CEO Message

The rights to make God in this land a successor to its architecture, and our belief in the role of the private sector in advancing the process of the national economy and in response to the call of the country,…